Two terns using their tails to hover.

Going in.

Coming out
About to take off

Still taking off

Headed out

Nearly out

The tail's a little wet!

Success! See the fish?

These are terns, fishing in the ocean. I wasn't able to get the entire sequence of their fishing technique on film, but basically, they fly over the waves, peering down to look for fish. Then they dive in head first.  They go completely under and emerge, wings first, then head, flying upward. Often with a fish in the beak.  And as they fly away, they wiggle all over (like a dog) and shake the water off.  It was great fun watching them and it's amazing how they are able to fly out of the water after being completely submerged.  Terns don't swim the way gulls do, so it's all about flying.


Ray Barnes said…
Very well caught Penny. Time to publish that book methinks.