Last year, some of you followed my son's Journey to Adulthood pilgrimage to Ireland blog.

This year, another group has just headed off to Scotland on a journey that will take them to Iona and also over to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the northeast coast of England.  As is the custom for the All Saints' pilgrims, they will take turns writing blog posts, accompanied by photos taken by Lisa Bell-Davis, about their adventure.

These blogs are a great way to listen to what 16 year old Christians think, say, and do.  I have a link to this year's blog on my blogroll (on the right side of the home page) so you can see when a new post is up. Or you can follow them yourself or check in on their blog from time to time directly:


I also encourage you to keep these pilgrims in your prayers. Some of them are about to have a life-changing experience!