Cooling it: a swallow takes a swallow

Flying over the pond

Zeroing in on the spot

About to take a sip

Thirst quenched. See the circle that shows the point of contact?

Fly away in a blur

The swallows at the duck pond are busy in the late afternoon. Sometimes they're harassing the crows, but mostly they are swooping in to take sips of water on the fly. It's all fast and furious and I doubt I could ever catch good photos of them, but here is a sequence of shots to give you an idea.  Sometimes they'll double dip and get two sips, but mostly they put on quite an aerial display that results in a single sip of water.  Beautiful creatures.


These are really good shots! Congrats!
Ray Barnes said…
I agree with the first comment Penny. Still think there's the potential for an illustrated book.
Thank you, Ray! I do enjoy taking the pictures and am glad y'all are enjoying seeing them!