Saturday Video: Let Me In!

Having just spent a week with Miss Kitty, who simply had to be outside except for when she had to be inside, this episode of Simon's Cat certainly resonated with me!

Enjoy! Hubby and I are driving to an island today for a whole week of downtime.


Perpetua said…
Thank goodness our replacement router is working. I wouldn't have missed that for anything, Penny. Truly wonderful! We once had a cat who asked to be let in like that, though without the implememts. :-)

Have a wonderful week with Hubby. You both deserve it.
Ray Barnes said…
Cats. Don't you just love 'em? Sometimes!

Have a wonderful week Penny.
Thanks, Perpetua! Glad you are back online! Miss Kitty would use the flowerpot if she had thumbs.
Thanks, Ray! Cats are not that different from people, I find.