Saturday Music Video: Tower of Power

In the small world department:  this is the fabulous funk band Tower of Power, which was very popular when I was in high school and college.  Great dance stuff.  I certainly danced to many of their tunes in my dancing days. (Whatever happened to funk, anyway?)

So. My seventeen-year-old son is in New York doing a three-week jazz improv workshop at New York University and his first master class was with Lenny Pickett, the blue-jacketed tenor sax player who has the great solo on this clip from The David Letterman Show.  Pickett is now the music director for Saturday Night Live and is on staff at NYU.

So my son called me and asked, do you know the band Tower of Power?

This song is from the middle - well after my time and before my son was born. It's from the album Monster on a Leash, released in 1991. Glad to see that the guys are still having fun.



Bill Bynum said…
An interesting sax solo, indeed. I have to admit that Tower of Power was a good while after my time. When they were popular, I was in transition somewhere between Woody Herman, Blood Sweat and Tears and Miles Davis.

Good to hear about the wonderful opportunity that your talented son is taking advantage of. That jazz workshop is one of his experiences that he can continue to savor for the rest of his life.
Thanks, Bill! I just had a long conversation with my son last night. He's having a great experience and enjoying his time at the workshop. I'm looking forward to visiting him soon!