Resistance is Futile: a photo essay

Father and daughter feet

Mother and son feet

Ballerina feet

A family of feet

Running feet

Standing still feet

Feet getting wet anyway

Playing, observing, accompanying feet

Feet that splash

Exploring feet

Deliberate feet

Feet just passing through

Happy feet

The most joyous feet in the world

I took these photos at a small water feature at The High Line park in Manhattan while I was sitting on a bench nearby having breakfast. Almost no one of any age could resist walking in the water.  Some just walked through without stopping, while others stopped to remove shoes to walk, hop, and splash. It was simply irresistible!

For the desert people of the Hebrew Bible, salvation was often likened to springs of water flowing out of the temple or out of Jerusalem, or mists of water rising up from the desert sands. Water is lifegiving. Our feet seem to know this instinctively.


Perpetua said…
Marvellous, Penny. :-) That put the most huge smile on my face, thanks.
So glad you enjoyed it, Perpetua. It was really a joy to watch everyone playing in this inch and a half of water!
Anonymous said…
Hello! I've just discovered your blog today. What wonderful pictures and thoughts. Thank you, I look forward to more.
Welcome, Antonia! So glad you have joined the party.