Saturday Morning Jazz

I've been in New York City for the last couple of days, listening to some jazz, courtesy of my son and his colleagues who are participating in a jazz improv workshop at NYU.

This is one of my favorite jazz pieces - "Take Five" by Dave Brubeck.  This video is from 1966. Still a great song.



Ray Barnes said…
Fantastic Penny. One of my real favourites.
I had a jazz trumpeter boy-friend who was also a journalist in the 60's, and he took me to many jazz concerts.
I was lucky enough to see the great Dave Brubeck Quartet (I think somewhere around 1964/5), and have never forgotten him.
Thanks for the reminder.
Ray, I'm very jealous that you got to see Brubeck live! Glad you enjoyed the video.
Sweet! Love Dave Brubeck. And Take Five is certainly a classic. Hope you've enjoyed your time in NYC. Thanks for sharing. Nice Saturday post :)
Thanks, Michelle! Glad you enjoyed it. I did have a great time in New York. Already thinking about planning to do it again!
Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for a rare treat. In my struggles with the saxophone in high school band in the 50s, Paul Desmond was my idol -- the smoothest delivery on the saxophone I had ever heard. ("How does he DO that?") Take Five is a nice piece too. I made one of my vinyl Brubeck LPs scratchy listening to it. Thanks again for the link.
Glad you enjoyed it, Bill! Take Five is the first real jazz piece I noticed when I was young. Still one of my favorites.