Saturday Bonus: 10 Things that Delight Me


Check out this fun new blog - Ten Things that Delight Me!  My list (which of course changes regularly, and it's hard to limit oneself to ten, so if you're not on it, you'll probably be on the next one) has just been posted. Take a look and create your own list and email it to Bob Solon (instructions are on the blog) and help spread the delight around!

The history of this project is that one of the guys who brought us Lent Madness (Tim Schenck - enjoy his blog Clergy Family Confidential) started a Ten Things that Annoy Me blog.  Meanwhile, fellow Lent Madness Celebrity Blogger Heidi Schott resurrected a post on Facebook that she had written two years about about twenty-five things that delight her.  She noted that delighted lay people are more fun that annoyed clergy. Then The Rev. Robert Solon took up the challenge and created the Ten Things that Delight Me blog. One thing to note is that both clergy and lay people are delighted and both are annoyed. Some people even posted on both blogs. 

Anyway, perhaps you'd like to post your annoyances. I enjoy snark as much as the next person. But these days I have grown weary of a lot of things, so I chose to play on the side of delight. Take a look and then play along!