A little refreshment on a hot day.

I had to take the Charity: Water link off my blog for a while because their website got hacked or something.  I think the problem has been resolved, and I plan to put the link back on my blogroll to the right soon.  This is a reputable, worthwhile organization that has received a grant to pay its administrative expenses so that all donations to the organization go directly to fund the work of bringing clean water to people in developing countries.

In the meantime, visit their blog directly (click here) and watch the video they did for the anniversary of the death of Rachel Beckwith, a 9-year old girl who wanted to give a party to raise money to help fifteen people through a Charity: Water project. After her tragic death, Rachel's family kept up the work and instead of raising $300, more than $1.2 million was given to Charity: Water in Rachel's honor.

There's a lot of negativity out there in the world these days. It gets discouraging.  So, remember stories like these. These stories are about life, real and abundant life.  That's the business God is in.  The business of abundant life.