Saturday Morning Movie: The Aurora Borealis

This is a real-time video of the aurora borealis ("Northern Lights") filmed back in January during a solar storm.  Lovely images. I remember when I was very young, we saw something in the sky to the north that people said were the Northern Lights. The power of suggestion and the unreliability of memory (not to mention the location, in North Carolina) make me unsure if indeed what we saw was the aurora borealis, but I like to think we did.



Antonia said…
Oh, it's my dream to see this one day! I love the music and cries of amazement as background to the beautiful images. "When I consider the heavens...". Thank you.
Ray Barnes said…
Wow Penny. What an amazing sight.
The opening sequences were like huge feathered wings. Angels?
Breathtaking. Thanks so much.
Bill Bynum said…
A beautiful, long display of the Northern Lights. The "More info" link in the upper right tells that the display was photographed in Norway. The video makes me think of the prayer no. 40 "For Knowledge of God's Creation" from the BCP that you posted on your blog not too long ago.
Exactly! Glad you enjoyed it.
Yes, I see what you mean, Ray! I did think this was lovely.
Bill, I often think of that prayer when I'm out in the world. And yes, thanks for mentioning that this was taken in Norway.