Saturday Morning Movie: You Just Have to Watch It

This is a fun mashup of video clips from Nick Park's claymation movie The Curse of the WereRabbit (2005) featuring his beloved characters Wallace and Grommit and the music from the Dutch rock band Focus called "Hocus Pocus" that was a big hit when I was in high school back in the early 1970's.

An unlikely pairing, but one that oddly seems to work. The music captures the drive and competence that lives in Grommit (the dog who doesn't speak but Gets Things Done) combined with the more off-beat silliness that Wallace exhibits (the man who goes on and on about cheese and invents machines that tip him out of bed and dress him in the mornings).

(The video was put together by a YouTube contributor called "Darthmelproductions," whose videos are described as "products of a crazed mind." Isn't the internet great?)



Bill Bynum said…
Nice rock, and it does indeed go well with the Wallace and Gromit silliness. Nick Park produces the Wallace and Gromit films from stop motion clay animation, which means that each frame of the film is a separate photograph of clay figures -- no computer assisted graphics here. This has to require almost infinite patience and dedication, qualitites that I admire but will probably never be able to muster.
Yes, I can't imagine the patience it takes to do claymation movies! I wish that Park would do more of these, but I understand he has other projects he wants to do, too. Glad you enjoyed it!