Closing in on Holy Week

We have been praying the daily collects for the weekdays in Lent ever since Ash Wednesday (with a few musical meditations sprinkled in). This last week of Lent features collects about preparing for Baptism (a traditional feature of both the Easter Vigil - for adults - and Easter Day - for children). Not many churches actually do baptisms on Easter Day any more but rather offer them throughout the Easter Season.

Rather than continue with the collects for this week, then, we will continue to listen to music that is especially appropriate for Lent for our daily posts. With a much more limited scope of music being played in church right now, I have been trying to make more time to listen to music at home, with limited success. So posting these will help me move toward Holy Week and I hope they will help you, too.

For today, here's a virtual choir rendition of the hymn Take Up Your Cross the Savior Said to the tune Bourbon. It's from St. John's Boulder (CO) and features Tom Morgan singing the arrangement by John Leon Hooker. I’ll praying for the people of Boulder today.


Verdery Kassebaum, San Diego said…
WOW! What harmony, what energy, what a glorious rendition of a traditional hymn. Thank you, Penny, for sharing this today.
You're welcome! I've listened to it several times already!