Requiem Aeternam 1 (Howells)

Herbert Howells, certainly one of the great composers of English church music, wrote a short Requiem for a cappella choir in the early 1930's comprised of six short movements, some of which are not traditionally included in Requiems, such as a setting of Psalm 23. (The parts are: Salvator Mundi, Psalm 23, Requiem Aeternam 1, Psalm 121, Requiem Aeternam 2, I heard a voice from Heaven.)

It was written for the Kings College choir. For some reason, however, Howells never sent it to Kings College, and it was not performed until 1980, fifty years later, only three years before his death. 

This is a recording of Requiem Aeternam 1 by the vocal ensemble Siglo de Oro in St. James, Sussex Gardens (in Paddington, London).