Friday Fun: You're Not the Boss of Me

Most people don't really like being told what, or what not, to do. After about age one, we don't like others making decisions for us, telling us how we can act or what we should say or even what our choices are. Lots of energy in both families, churches, and corporate institutions is spent on figuring out the hierarchy, figuring out who is answerable to whom, who is the real boss (whether or not that person is the official boss). But even with the hierarchy figured out, lots more energy is spent resisting being told what to do and/or insisting that it's not the decision that's important, it's WHO makes the decision that is important. And we want the decision-maker to be us. I call this the "you're not the boss of me" syndrome.

Think about it. (Or not. After all, I'm not the boss of you.)