Checking out a new home

I am very excited about furniture today. I ordered furniture for my new office, and my living room furniture for my condo is arriving tomorrow.

What this means is that I will soon stop feeling as if I am perching.  I will feel that I can begin to settle in.

I wonder why we need our physical props - the desk, the chair, the sofa, the table, the bed with pillows and linens - to populate the basic shelter that is unquestionably one of our basic needs.  We don't all have the same desires about those props (I don't have a TV, for example, but I do have three Apple devices; others don't eat at a table in a dedicated space for meals; and I won't name names but some of you don't really need beds with linens), but we want some items for our nests, nonetheless.

If you were moving into new space, what would you feel you needed the most to feel as if you really lived there?


Perpetua said…
My computer, my bed and my books, Penny :-)
I'd say bed, chair, lamp, bookcase, table. Oh, and I'd need a small rug for my dog.
Ray Barnes said…
Lap-top and bed Penny in that order since I spend so little time in my bed, and the lap-top is my main means of communication these days.
Perpetua, probably the thing I've noticed most is that my books are all still (mostly ) in boxes both at home and in the office. I am looking forward to having them out of the boxes and on shelves again!

Charles, I'm glad you remembered the rug for the dog. I'm sad about not having a pet with me now (renting a place that won't allow bunnies).

Ray, I think it's wonderful that you list laptop first - it wasn't that long ago that you wouldn't have said that, I think.

Interesting that nobody said sofa yet. I'm actually really looking forward to the sofa coming tomorrow. I wonder if I will want it to sit on or to look at and know the living room has the correct furniture in it!