50 Days of Fabulous!

So, did you have a Lenten Discipline this year? Did you at least think about the fact that it was Lent several times a week?  Why is it that we attend to Lent, walking through it day by day and week by week and then when Easter arrives, put on a nice outfit, eat some chocolate, go out for brunch and call it a day?

Easter is, in fact, fifty days. It's a whole season during which we rejoice because of God's awesome power that is manifested in the resurrection. So if Easter is the most significant time in the life of the church, why don't we try to walk through that season too, day by day and week by week, practicing resurrection?

Because for most of us, practicing joy is harder than practicing a particular, identified Lenten discipline.

But! Help is on the way.  Some of the gang who brought you Lent Madness, including host Forward Movement, plus some other fabulous churchy types, have gotten together to walk with you through the Great Fifty Days!  Each day, you'll find something to look at or read, a reflection, and an idea about how you might practice resurrection for that day (or for many days in the Easter season).

Visit the site daily at 50days.org and leave a comment if you are so moved. We sincerely hope that you have a fabulous Easter season!


Perpetua said…
What a good idea! Thanks, Penny.
You're welcome, Perpetua! Enjoy!