Tuesday Afternoon Baby Duck Photo

This is one of last year's baby ducks.

I have hopes that we will have another batch of ducklings before too long...

The single female mallard who spent the winter at the pond alone after her mate died had a new companion spend the day with her on Sunday.  Here's hoping she'll soon be in the family way and her days of being alone will be over.


Ray Barnes said…
What a lovely fuzzy little baby, and what enormous feet it has.
I'm glad your mallard has company. Good for her.
Antonia said…
Gorgeous! I too am so glad your duck has found a friend and I look forward to this year's duckling pictures so much! Penny, I don't think I've wished you a happy Easter yet - many blessings to you. I've enjoyed all your seasonal posts and pictures - thank you so much.
Perpetua said…
So glad your lone duck has a new companion, Penny. Looking forward to this year's gorgeously fuzzy babies. :-)
Happy Easter to you, Antonia! I'm glad you've enjoyed the posts. I sure hope I will get good duckling pics this year. Last year the mother duck let me get pretty close plus I have a good zoom lens. The second family was not as friendly. But this duck has had a lot of human interaction this winter from people feeding her, so I am optimistic.
Me, too, Perpetua. And I hope spring will soon arrive in your neighborhood.