Saturday Morning Music: Incarnational Inspiration

This young man, Colin Thurmond, is a doctoral student at New England Conservatory, which, like the rest of Boston, was on lockdown yesterday.  His response to the lockdown was to record a series of videos and post them on YouTube as a gift to the people of Boston.

This is incarnational ministry, as far as I am concerned. During a time when the brokenness of the world was just lying there gaping at us all, he offered the community a gift based on his own gift of music. What a graceful response to a terrible situation.

Here's a quote from the great conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein that's been going around lately:

“This will be our reply to violence:
to make music more intensely,
more beautifully,
more devotedly than ever before.”  

- Leonard Bernstein

And by the way, my own son the jazz trumpet player has decided to study at The New England Conservatory himself for the next four years. I know many of you have been following his musical career through the videos I've posted here. We are very proud of him and glad that he is joining such a wonderful community of artists.

Meanwhile, enjoy Colin Thurmond playing Por ti mi corazon.


Bill Bynum said…
A beautiful post in many ways. Colin Thurmon is a good guitarist. His loving gift to the Boston community conforms precisely to the title and sentiment of your previous blog post. Your son Jeffrey has yet another reason to be pleased with his choice of a music school.
Ray Barnes said…
As you say, a graceful response indeed.
What a good musician he is and how timely his response.
I'm so sorry your country is currently suffering so much violence.
It will one day be the task of the Colins and Jeffreys to try to find the solution we have so far failed to do.
Blue Eyed Ennis said…
Thanks for this. A beautiful response to the terrors of our world.
Thanks, Philomena. Would that we all were able to respond gracefully.
teresa bowen said…
This is really a very nice video of Colin Thurmon. He has one of a kind talent which makes people entertained.

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