Saturday Morning Video: Twisted 2-fer

Joni Mitchell sings "Twisted" at the 1979 Berkeley Jazz Festival with Herbie Hancock on piano, Jaco Pastorius on bass, Tony Williams on drums and Don Alias playing percussion.

I wish there were live footage to go with this song, which was written in 1952 by Annie Ross and was on Mitchell's 1974 album Court & Spark, which I played over and over until it was too scratchy to listen to any more.

On the other hand, here's a video of Annie Ross singing the song herself, accompanied by Count Basie on piano:



Ray Barnes said…
Brilliant! Both versions.! and, after all, what's wrong with refusing to ride upstairs on a double-decker bus.
Have you ever seen one with a driver upstairs?
Bill Bynum said…
Wow! Great 2-fer! Many thanks. I didn't miss the video on the audio clip with Joni Mitchell. Could be my advanced age, but Jaco Pastorius of Weather Report and Herbie Hancock were there to hear, also. The video clip of Annie Ross had a lot to see and hear. Count Basie, of course, but also a brief look at a young Tony Bennett in the audience.
Exactly, Ray! My favorite line: I knew that I was a genius!
Glad you enjoyed these, Bill!