The Gospel

After the resurrection, the disciples still didn't really know what to do. So they went back to their usual activity, their employment from before Jesus called them to follow him: fishing.

And into that everyday activity, Jesus appeared.

Jesus comes to us in our everyday activities and directs us and feeds us and welcomes us. Jesus invites us to share what we have to make the feast together.

And Jesus forgives. As they sit around the charcoal fire Jesus has lit to cook their breakfast over, Jesus asks Peter three times to affirm his love for Jesus. The last time Peter stood around a charcoal fire, he denied Jesus three times. Now he has been forgiven for each of those denials.

But there's more. Not only is Peter forgiven, but he is told to put his love for Jesus into action in the world. Feed Jesus' little ones, the sheep of the Good Shepherd, who the shepherd loves and has laid down his life for.

Jesus laid down his life for us and for all. He forgives us for our shortcomings and our sins. He bids those of us who have experienced his abundance to share what we have, to share that abundance, with one another, and to care for those who need our care.

This is how to follow Jesus. This is the Gospel. Thanks be to God.