It's Another New Year!

Public Art in Boston
School starts today for Virginia public schools. And many other schools around the country as well.

This time of year is another one of those "new year" times. So many of us lived on the school year schedule for so long that even if we are not in school, we see September as the beginning of another year.

And so it's a good time to get going with those things we mean to do. Eat well, exercise, get our work done on time so we can have time to play, etc.

I've had a wonderful but very busy last couple of weeks. I'm ready to settle down into a "new year" even if I'm about to have another new year in November (the beginning of Advent) and another one in January! You can't get off to a "fresh start" too often, if you ask me.

So blessings and good luck to everyone out there who's starting a new year! Eat well, get some exercise, play, travel, hang out with friends, learn something new!