Thursday Morning Music: Little David

Detail from the Chapel in Riverside Church, Manhattan

Above is a depiction of King David, before he was king, playing his harp for King Saul, who suffered from melancholy. Saul used to say that only David's playing could ease the King's mind and soul. That didn't stop the King from trying to kill David later on, though, as the two of them wrangled for royal leadership.

And below is the St Olaf 2011 Music Camp Choir singing a great arrangement of the gospel song "Little David Play Upon Your Harp." The video is just the names of the singers, so you can look at the King and his harper while you listen.  Enjoy.


Bill Bynum said…
Nice rendition of "Little David Play on Your Harp". A talented, well-rehearsed, and well-directed chorus, backed by a very interesting piano accompaniment. Thanks for the treat!