Monday Funnies

Because it's Monday afternoon, and I think I speak for many who could use a laugh on Mondays, here are Donald and Daisy duck in mosaic.

These are part of the mosaic benches all around the outside of Grant's Tomb in upper Manhattan. Back in the day, Donald duck was a staple in my cartoon-watching childhood and many a friend started out his or her youthful "impersonation" career by trying to perfect Donald's voice, which sounds like you've been inhaling helium and are talking through/with your cheeks. 

Incidentally, the original voice for Donald was created by Clarence Nash (no relation). I never tried it, though. I'm convinced I couldn't mimic a mime. But I always enjoy friends who have that talent - it's like caricature (the visual kind) via the voice.

Thank you God for humor, creativity, and experimentation.