Saturday Morning Music: A Classical Garage Band

Another Tiny Desk Concert. This a Time for Three, a "classically trained garage band," as they put it. They were classically trained at the Curtis Institute of Music, which is one of the finest classical conservatories in the world. The members are Zachary De Pue, Nick Kendall (violins) and Ranaan Meyer (double bass). They like to improvise and to play what they like.

The songs in the set are: Banjo Love, Sundays, and Don Don.



Bill Bynum said…
A great video clip. Curtis Institute is indeed one of the great classical music conservatories in the country. Back in the old days, I suspect that you could get in serious trouble there by even thinking about the word "improvisation". It is good that the world is changing. These guys are good musicians in any milieu.
June Butler said…
What fun. A great way to start off Saturday morning. Tiny Desk Concerts frequently offers excellent and interesting performances.
Yes, things have certainly changed. The "contemporary improv" department at NEC is THE THING these days and attracts musicians from all of the "standard" departments. It's wonderful to see musicians go outside the usual stuff to do something new.
Glad you enjoyed it, Mimi! I wish people would come into my office occasionally and perform at my desk!