Inching Toward September

As we get closer to September, a funny thing happens to the sky. It turns blue again and seems to be way high up there, instead of the muggy/hazy/smoggy part drooping down close to the buildings. It feels a little crisper, a little less humid. Even while we are in the dog days of summer, there is a glimmer of hope that September will come soon and with it cooler mornings, clearer skies, lower humidity, less smog and haze. It still gets really hot on September afternoons, of course, but there is relief after sundown and in the mornings. Every year about this time, I notice that we'll have a morning or two like September - just a preview, to remind us that it's coming, that it won't always be this way, it won't always be oppressively hot and humid and hazy.

This morning the sky looks that way again. It's heating up already and the summer bugs are singing their hot-day songs, but I saw the high blue sky this morning and felt the crisper air and I rejoiced.