Life is very full for me right now. I have many things I'd like to write about but am too tired physically and mentally and emotionally to do so. I went to the beach, I moved my mom out of her home 400 miles away, I moved my mom into her new place near me, I'm helping her get her place put together and preparing to spend much of this week doing things like getting her a TV and cable and phone service and a picture ID and a bank account and the new things the apartment needs. It's fun and hard work and she is appreciative and I am glad to do it. But I don't have a lot of energy to process much (in writing) yet.

This photo is from the day we moved her out of the house in which she lived for 50 years, the house in which I grew up. The butterfly looks rather beaten up with its wings missing edges; it's sipping from an althea bush blossom and it obliged me by posing on several flowers within photo range as Mom was doing the final walk through the house. The althea actually came from the yard of my first house in Atlanta - I dug up a few and replanted them behind the swing on Mom's deck. Now all the planst from Atlanta are in NC and Mom is has left NC for Atlanta.

Life is full. And it's good.


Toni McLean said…
A beaten up butterfly seems appropriately symbolic. I guess we're all slightly ragged butterflies - well, some of us are a little more ragged than others. :-)

No doubt, Penelope, you'll allow yourself to be held when you're ready.

Best wishes
Thanks! I'm getting there.