The Fifth Day of Christmas: Some Children See Him

James Taylor sings Some Children See Him.

I first heard this carol when I was a young child - my parents had a Tennessee Ernie Ford Christmas album with this song on it, and it has always been one of my favorites.  I guess hearing it as a child and knowing it was a Christmas song about children's experience made it particularly appealing to me.



Parlee Chambers said…
Penny this is a Hal Burt carol. I love all of his carols. He too was an Episcopalian and each year he wrote a song and sent it as his christmas card. This was one of them. "Caroling Caroling" was another. Enjoy!
Parlee Chambers said…
I meant to say Alfred Burt. Not Hal. Geez.
Thanks, Parlee! I didn't know that Burt was an Episcopalian or that his songs started out as Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing that info! Christmas blessings to all the Chambers clan!
Bill Bynum said…
This is a lovely carol. It is hard to go wrong with either Ernie Ford or James Taylor.
Yep! And it's extra special to me because I remember it from my childhood.