Friday Afternoon Advent Snow Break

I love a good snow. Especially if it's gone in a day. How do you feel about snow?


Antonia said…
Love it, love it, love it Penny! Even when I know I'm going to get irritable later when the trains are unable to run because of an inch or so of snow that first moment of the first snow of the winter is enchanted, magical, blessed (choose your word; I'm afraid I sometimes use them interchangeably) and lifts my heart wordlessly to God.

You gather I quite like snow! ;-)
Yes, Antonia, I hear you! I love that quiet beginning of it, too, when the sounds of the world are muffled and hushed so that we can hear the snow fall and pile up.

It's the part afterward, the trying to get around, that's not fun. I like snow best when I don't have to deal with the delays and frustrations - and so always try to give in to it as much as I can. Living in the South, I can usually do that. It would be different in another part of the country, I know.
Ray Barnes said…
I love snow when I'm indoors and able to stay there. I can admire it endlessly through glass and can even wax lyrical about it in verse (if pushed), but, but, if I have to deal with the cold damp stuff, or worse, glittering frozen stuff up close and personal I reach for my flame thrower. You are very welcome to my share.
Snow does look great through the window, Ray. Not so much when you've fallen down in it. I don't think we get a lot of snow here - certainly didn't last year when two or three dustings was it.
Meredith Gould said…
Love snow. Miss snow. Moved to Baltimore after the biggest snowfall here ever. Hasn't really snowed since. Not happy about that at all. Love snow. Miss snow.
May you get some snow this winter, then, Meredith! And tune in next Friday when I'll post another snow pic.