Saturday Morning Jazz

Last clip from the Jeffrey Cox Quartet's concert at The Velvet Note last October.
This is Strasborg-St. Denis by Roy Hargrove.

And good luck to these guys today as they individually audition for the Georgia All State Jazz Band.

Jeffrey Cox - trumpet
Luis Rovira - piano
Andrew Sommer - bass
Jordan Holiman - drums

Thanks to Jordan's father, Mike, for posting these videos on YouTube.



Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for another nice jazz clip. It seems imprudent to counsel overconfidence, but the idea that these young musicians might not be among the best high school jazz players in Georgia is absolutely mind-boggling.
Thanks, Bill. These guys are all veteran All State jazzers from years past - all four of them were there last year and most of them have were at All State at least one year before that as well. But the competition is tough, especially since there are very few spots for each instrument (only 2 each selected for piano, bass, and drums; five trumpets). We'll find out soon. Fingers crossed!
Ray Barnes said…
Best of luck to them all Penny. Thanks for sharing their performances with us these past weeks.
Thanks, Ray! The auditions are done and we're waiting to get the results, which we should get by tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
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