Music for Advent: Come thou fount of every blessing

I posted this last year, but because I love this arrangement, I'm posting it again this year. This is Sufjan Stevens, from his album Hark. It's not normally considered an Advent song, but it is a call for God (as the fount of every blessing) to come be part of our lives.



June Butler said…
Thanks, Penny. I love it.
Bill Bynum said…
A beautiful hymn, and Sufjan Stevens performs it reverently. The melody of the hymn is called Nettleton, and it's a favorite of organists. I wish my memory were better. I am almost certain that one of the organists I turn pages for played several movements from a "Partita on Nettleton" as a postlude recently. Oh, well, no matter. It is still good to hear that beautiful melody once again, in any event.
Thanks, y'all. Bill, I'm glad to know its a favorite of organists, too.