Saturday Music Extra: Birthday Jazz

Today is my son's 18th birthday. He's the trumpet player. Here he is playing with one of his combo groups.  This is Prime Directive by Dave Holland.



June Butler said…
Thanks, Penny. The performance was very enjoyable. Happy Birthday, Son of Penny.

I once heard Ellis Marsalis, Sr explain and demonstrate with a group of musicians how jazz improvisation is done. Fascinating and enlightening, indeed.
Bill Bynum said…
Nice rendition of Prime Directive by Jeffrey and his group. Here's to his Happy Birthday and to many more!
Ray Barnes said…
Really love that sound Penny. Happy birthday to your boy and may he continue to play better and better.
The two sax players really blend with his 'cool' trumpet. It has an authentic 60's sound to my ears.
A very happy Christmas to you all.
It is fascinating, Mimi! Jeffrey really seems to have the knack, too. He's looking at music school options for next year, so stay tuned!
Thanks, Bill! He had to take a break from jazz and his birthday to sing with his school chorus at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops concert!
Thanks, Ray! They do have a great combo. Happy Christmas to you!
Just made me smile and smile and smile. Happy Birthday Jeff!!!