Getting Ready for Advent

I spent today getting ready for Advent. My husband said he thought Advent was when you got ready, which is true, but there are a few things I needed to do before Advent arrives.

Fix the Advent wreath, for instance.  (This is one from three years ago when I had a crop of beautiful roses still blooming in December. You'll see this year's version sometime during the month.)

For two, spend some time being quiet and settling down. Which, again, is what Advent is for, except that when you work in a large and busy parish, Advent can be hectic. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, so I spent today doing things slowly and reflectively to get off to a good start.

And third, since this blog is a place for me to be creative, I "redecorated" here to better reflect the season.

Not only does the blog template look different, but all of my photos during Advent will be photographs of lights or candles with a few angels and maybe some snow and thrown in for good measure.  Even if life gets hectic during Advent for me (or for you), it will be Advent-y through and through here. I hope that I will find time to write more often, too.  I hope we all find that helpful.

And so, blessings for a special time of expectation and preparation to you, friends, this holy Advent season.


Perpetua said…
A very blessed Advent to you too, Penny. One of my very favourite seasons.
Antonia said…
Love the new look, and your beautiful wreath. So glad I found your blog in time to be among your friends this Advent. Many blessings from me too, and thank you for yours.

(Perpetua, I'm not stalking you - seems you and I read and enjoy many of the same blogs!)
May your - and my and everyone's - Advent be a time of personal reflection, refreshment and renewal, Penny - thank you for posting this.
Thank you, Penelope. Hope that contract gets signed soon!