Caption and Reflection Contest

Today, I am relying on you, dear readers, to think of something to post that plays with this picture.

Why? Because it's officially too hot for me to think today. I've been out several times and although we've had hotter days, I think the cumulative effect of many hot days (even with some rain but not much) has kind of maxxed things out. My brain is tired, all of me is tired, and I could use a laugh.

I took this picture out of my car window on my trip to the beach last June. It didn't turn out like I expected, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Usually, I do the talking, but today, it's your turn. Give us a short reflection, please and thank you.


Anonymous said…
The backyard is a lesser kingdom. It's where the kids have to play when you don't want them underfoot, but you don't want to have to worry about them, either. It's where people keep their dogs if they only have a dog because they think you are supposed to have one, the way you're supposed to belong to the Rotary Club if you are a business man. The kids get to come inside, after a while; otherwise the neighbors would notice. Some think the neighbors don't notice about the dog,condemned to the lesser kingdom, but they do. Backyards are a realm of unrealized potential for most of us. The really interesting backyards are the tiny ones. Tiny backyards look as though they must be developed to extraordinary levels of practicality and beauty so people will not overlook them. Neither dogs nor kids are, generally speaking, abused in tiny backyards. All the space is occupied with clever design and beautiful flowers. If I were a backyard, I would want to be small, gracefully formed and covered in blossoms, plumage and vines of delicate proportions. I would love to see the dog and the kids and the Mom and the Dad, all looking out at me, smiling.
Lerewayah said…
How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord (Ps. 84:1), especially compared to the traffic on Barrett Springs!

Gretchen Chateau
Kathy Kelly said…
Looking at that "thing" in my rear view mirror is like letting go of a burden. Saying good-bye with relief, I press the pedal a little lower and zoom, zoom, zoom, off I go to the next adventure. I ponder the humble road side dwellings with the delight of my longing for new and better places from which to choose my next home. I ponder where next I will rest my head, with the sparrows? amongst the lilies? in a pink and yellow cottage? in some rectory befitting of a servant? Where next only God knows, but “how lovely”, yes, indeed.
A pink and yellow rectory! Love that idea, Kathy.
You guys are great! Thanks for playing!