Let me plan a church service any day, even a very complicated feast day or something with multiple sections to the procession and special lections and prayers, rather than planning a move. At the moment, there's still the lease to be signed, the moving date to be chosen, the moving company booked, in that order. Except that the moving company would like to have some time to plan - what if they can't move on the day the move is planned to take place? Things are being moved 425 miles - which takes all day to drive, plus there's the loading and unloading time. And a meal and gas stop. And the moving in times are very limited - two hours at a time twice a day five days a week but not on Thursdays or Sundays. And the lease can't be signed until the place is ready, which is not until next week. And of course there is the date at the other end - the move out date - but the movee is ready to go now!

At least there's not a whole lot of stuff being moved! And it will all be nice when it's over and we'll get to decorate.

Lord grant me patience and flexibility and let me not be willful about things. (And also it would be helpful if all these dates and times line up so that someone isn't out on the street at one end or another, but of course I'm not praying for that, just idly wishing.)