The Daily Bread

Be careful what you wish for.  I was just complaining (sort of) about not having much structure in my life and how I would find it helpful to have some structure imposed so that I would not find myself at the end of the day with a sudden thought of things I ought to have/could have done that day only didn't think of it.  And so, naturally, this week, my calendar is quite full and I am not entirely sure how I will manage all that I have on the docket.  A trip to the gym has already fallen by the wayside, but I am sure it will all work out.

When life gets like this, I think about our prayer asking for our daily bread.  Just for today, the Lord will provide for my needs.  I don't need to look beyond today.  Tomorrow, I'll ask for the same thing, and I will receive it, I know.  

The daily bread I receive is usually in the form of people and relationships.  Sitting down with people in Bible study and hearing their stories, the way we did today at church, always feeds me, reminding me of how richly we are fed when we read Scripture together alongside one another, alongside our stories and our hopes and dreams and worries and cares.   Meeting with those who journey alongside in church governance, as I did today, always feeds me, reminding me of how we work side by side with one another and with God to do God's work in the world through the Church.  Eating dinner with my family quells my growling stomach and reminds me of my grounding in intimate relationships that support me, challenge me, entertain me, and bless me.  Even reading my friends' blogs or receiving email communication or seeing what people are up to on Facebook all are part of my daily bread just there for the picking, like manna from heaven.  My daily bread is about connection, about being with others, about sharing news, stories, big old belly laughs, cares and worries, about being fed intellectually, fed spiritually, fed through jokes and funny stories as well as hugs and smiles and nods of assent and even the quizzical raised eyebrow.  Contact and interaction of all types are my daily bread.  

And there is even dessert.  Right now I hear my son playing his trumpet downstairs and an owl hooting outside the window and despite my busy schedule, I know that for today, I am fed and that tomorrow will bring more riches and grace even as it also brings errands and appointments and shopping lists.