How'd it get to be so late?

I'm sitting here in the office; the ecumenical Thanksgiving service will start in a bit; I'm looking at the texts for Advent I; I have a post-it note on my calendar to get out some dishes for Thanksgiving take along food; my mom wants to go shopping.  How did it get to be the end of the church year, the beginning of the church year, the holidays, the end of the day? 

Time flies when you are having fun, and also when you are only in the office one day a week!  And what a lovely day it was - gathering with folks for the Eucharist, gathering with more folks for Bible study and a great discussion, gathering messages to send to those in the hospital and those who care for them, saying prayers for those we love.

We are all fed in and by our communities.  We feed one another and love one another and it is my job as priest to love and to provide spiritual food in my community, in God's community.  My prayer for today is that I can get through this hectic time with that thought always in the forefront and not stuck somewhere on a post-it note.