Music for Twelfth Night

This is "Torches, Torches," the 1951 carol written by the British composer (of South African descent) John Joubert and sung by the always wonderful Choir of King's College Chapel.

This version is a little more energetic than other videos I've seen, and the visual with the candles provides the perfect backdrop for the music.

Enjoy your Twelfth Night activities as we prepare for the Feast of the Epiphany tomorrow!


Ray Barnes said…
We sang this (St. Mary's Choir), at Midnight Mass and to my ears at least, it sounded livelier than this version.
We are actually rather good. (Sometimes)!
Ray, someone should record your choir so we can watch/hear you on YouTube!

I chose this version because the few others I found on YouTube were a little plodding.
Perpetua said…
Thanks for this, penny. I remember learning and singing this for the first time for my college Carol Service in my first year at Oxford. That was 1965, so the carol was still pretty new and we sang it at a good pace too. :-).
Ray Barnes said…
Hi Penny, Just to say, I don't know where my (supposed) comment of the 5th came from, but certainly not from this computer.

I vaguely remember writing a similar comment (about a different piece of music) some while ago, but this has been 'tampered' with.
Ray, through the magic of the internet, I simply reposted last year's 12th night music this year. So your comment was from last year. Except for this comment, which is from this year.
Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for posting an interesting carol. The King's College Chapel Choir is always perfect. The carol has an energetic tone, supported by the words ("Torches! Torches!"). A choir would have to exert considerable effort to sing this carol ponderously, but I suppose that anything is possible.
Ray Barnes said…
Phew! Thanks for the clarification Penny. I am relieved to find I am not further advanced down the path of senility than I thought.