Shhh! Miss Kitty is Trying to Take a Nap

This is not a photo from today (as I am in Virginia and Miss Kitty is in Atlanta), but this is exactly the sort of thing Miss Kitty would be doing right about now. It's a grey and rainy day, after lunch and before supper, and so it's an excellent time to pick a good spot on the end of the bed upon which to loll.

As you can see, Miss Kitty is also just ever so slightly annoyed at being spoken to while she is napping.

Happy Monday!


Antonia said…
Lolling after lunch and before supper is an excellent spiritual practice.
Ray Barnes said…
Lovely Miss Kitty. You must miss her relaxed company. Even a sleeping cat is better than no cat.
My sentiments exactly, Antonia!
I do, Ray. Still hoping that you'll be getting a new kitty in your life this year, too.