The Twelfth Day of Christmas: I Wonder as I Wander

"I Wonder as I Wander," a song that was "discovered" by John Jacob Niles, played here by Ruth and Steve Smith on hammered dulcimer and guitar.  I love the camera angle that allows us to see just how one plays the hammered dulcimer!

Whatever the murky origins of this song, it is beautiful and, I think appropriate as we approach Epiphany.


Ray Barnes said…
A lovely version Penny. One of my favourites too. Thanks for this one.
Glad you enjoyed it, Ray!
Bill Bynum said…
The hammered dulcimer/guitar combination seem just right for this carol. Thanks for a beautiful post. Thanks also for all the carols that you have posted for the Twelve Days of Christmas - a musical, spiritual feast. It could not have been easy for you to do while you were on the road.
Thanks, Bill! The wonders of the internet allow one to plan ahead!