Epiphany blessings

The Baby and the Wise Folk, part of a nativity set from Haiti

I spent much of Advent either incredibly busy (which is, of course, not what Advent is about, but a junior priest who oversees children and family ministries in a busy parish has a lot to do this time of year) or sitting in silence or listening to music.

Now that we have come to the Epiphany, the arrival of the Magi at the manger, the manifestation of Christ to the world, the Baptism of Jesus, the end of Christmas (take your pick - the Church sees Epiphany in a number of ways), I find that I don't have a lot to say.  Only that the Epiphany means that now that we have seen the Christ, the love of God come down to be among us, we are supposed to be changed.

So be changed, even though change is hard.  Put yourself in a new frame of mind, one that recognizes and honors the fact that God loves us and wants us to love one another, and let yourself be changed.



Perpetua said…
Welcome back, Penny, and a blessed Epiphany to you too.
Thanks, Perpetua! I hope you're settled somewhere for a few weeks.
Perpetua said…
Snugly in wales until the spring, Penny. :-)