Friday Afternoon Flower Break

Buff Beauty, a hybrid musk rose

We're back to Ordinary Time. And it's dull and wintry most everywhere (in the Northern Hemisphere, that is), so the Friday Afternoon Break series will feature a dash of color these next few weeks until Lent.

Buff Beauty is one of the hybrid musk roses I grow in my Atlanta garden. The blooms start out in this deep apricot color but fade to a soft yellow cream as they fully open.



Perpetua said…
Oh, lovely, Penny. I could do with a splash of colour, as it's been so grey and cloudy here.
Yes, it's drizzly and grey here today. I thought this would be cheery.
Ray Barnes said…
Buff Beauty really lives up to its name doesn't it Penny? I bought one for my mother about 20 years ago,but it was very prone to mildew in their part of the country and never really did as well as yours clearly does.
It is really pretty at every stage.
Yes it is, Ray. Mine seems to be in a wonderful spot so that it has just the right combination of sun and shade - it turned out to be larger than I was expecting, too. But I'm a sucker for yellow roses.