Saturday Morning Video: Mission Impossible

The latest from The Piano Guys. This time playing/acting out a Mission Impossible episode - with outtakes at the end. Featuring the violinist Lindsey Stirling, who's pretty agile.



Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for a fun music video clip from The Piano Guys, plus Lindsey Stirling. Good musicians and acrobatic to the point of serious envy (well, maybe except the piano player -- hard to do stunts with the piano, I suppose).
Denise said…
I love the Piano Guys! And this was definitely a fun video. Now I'll have to go check out Stirling's other videos too.
I am glad I never had to learn to do stunts while playing any kind of instrument. I don't think I could even do stunts without instruments!
Glad you enjoyed it, Denise! Stirling is a lot of fun.