Saturday Morning Music: Poem for Carlita

Mark O'Connor is an American composer and violinist. Much of his work is in the area of bluegrass, but he also does some classical work with a distinctly American flavor.  Here he plays his composition "Poem for Carlita" at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall with his pals Yo-Yo Ma (cello) and Edgar Meyer (double bass).

 The three of them recorded two albums together - Appalachian Waltz and Appalachian Journey - which contain both original works and "covers" of traditional music with guest vocalists like James Taylor and Alison Krauss.  This song is from Appalachian Journey.



Bill Bynum said…
Thanks for a beautiful music clip. Mark O'Connor and Yo-Yo Ma are two excellent musicians that refuse to be labelled by any musical genre. They are good at anything they do. The entire Lincoln Center concert was recorded on a DVD "Appalachian Journey: Yo-Yo Ma/Edgar Meyer/Mark O'Connor" that I was able to see, thanks to Netflix. Gorgeous music. Thanks again.
Ray Barnes said…
Fantastic Penny. Thanks so much. This is really first class music and performance, by anyone's standards.
I particularly love the Cello. Yo-Yo Ma is really superb.
I would certainly never have heard this had you not given me the chance to do so, since I listen to very little music these days and that, mostly vocal.
One for the memory bank.
Glad you enjoyed it, too, Ray! I bought both the CD's of this group's work several years ago - I was just enchanted by their playing and the selections they chose. Always good to expand our horizons.