Friday Afternoon New York Minute

For the next couple of months, the Friday Afternoon photo series will feature scenes from Manhattan.  I got a lot of great photographs on my last short trip to the city during the summer, and I am planning another quick trip there in November.  So, a few glimpses of New York on Fridays for a while.

This is a copy of Michaelangelo's David.  Wearing a Missoni onesie.   The sculpture is a collaboration between the Spanish artist dEmo and Luca Missoni, the fashion designer who is often known by the zig-zag pattern of the type shown here.

This statue was installed in the Missoni store in Madrid in 2010, moved to Barcelona for a while, and was in Manhattan (on 14th Street near the High Line Park) when I was there in July.

It was scheduled to depart in September. Wonder where he will go next?