Rest in Peace, Sweet Mr. Bunny

Our beloved pet Mr. Bunny died on 10/11/12.  He was nearly eight years old. He was sweet and funny and very curious. He loved blueberries and jumping on the couch and running up the stairs (but not down). He was a free-range bunny and he resented being locked up in his cage, so we only did it when it was necessary for his safety. His favorite place was his cardboard castle, which was an upside-down box with a door cut out. Well, actually, he had a great edible house, too, but he ate it.

We loved him a lot. All of you who have loved pets know how we feel.

Here are a few photos from his life with us.


Ray Barnes said…
I posted a comment on your sad blog early this morning, but the cyber monster swallowed it.

I'd just like to say how very sorry I am about lovely Mr Bunny. He was a very special fellow and I know how much you loved him.

Wish I could be there to give you a real hug, but please accept a warm virtual one.
Blesings for Bunny and you Penny.
Perpetua said…
I'm so sorry, Penny. Like Ray I know how much you loved Mr Bunny and how much he meant to you all. He looks like a real character who will never be forgotten. Hugs from me too. Pxx
Thanks so much, Ray. He was a sweet little guy and I've missed him a lot since I moved to Virginia. I was able to see him a few days ago and knew he wasn't feeling well then. Tom thought he was feeling better but he just went into his cardboard castle and went to sleep yesterday after breakfast and didn't wake up. This is the hard part about loving pets. Thanks for the hug.
Thanks, Perpetua. He was a character, for sure. I appreciate the hug.