Saturday Morning Music Video: Local Jazz

This video is a shameless promotion of my son and his music.  He's the trumpet player. The group is The Jeffrey Cox Quartet, and they played a sold-out concert at The Velvet Note jazz club in Alpharetta, Georgia, on October 7, 2012. Over the next several Saturdays, I'll be posting videos from the concert here.  Jeffrey wrote two of the songs (including this one, called Connection) and arranged several of the others.

The musicians are:

Jeffrey Cox, trumpet
Andres Rovira, piano
Andrew Sommer, bass
Jordan Holiman, drums

Andres is a junior in high school and the other three gentlemen are seniors.  Thanks to Jordan's father, Mike, for recording and posting these videos on YouTube.



Ray Barnes said…
Really cool laid -back sound Penny. It reminded me of much of my mis-spent youth in Ronny Scott's and other jazz'dives' of the 60's.
You must be very proud of him.
Thanks, Ray. I am very proud!
Bill Bynum said…
Great jazz clip. Your son and his three friends are really talented musicians, and so young! I don't think that the clip qualifies as "shameless promotion", though. You and your husband have every reason to be proud of Jeffrey and his extraordinary talent. When I was in high school, my big accomplishment was throwing water balloons at cars without getting caught.
Thanks, Bill. I really can't imagine you throwing water balloons at cars!
Huxley Nixon said…
WOW! Tom told the Men's group about Jeffrey's show but I did not expect such a professional performance. Mom and Dad have much to be VERY proud of.

Thanks so much, Huxley!