Friday New York Minute

This is part of an exhibit at The High Line park in Manhattan called "Lilliput."

(Read about the whole exhibit here.  Here's what the article says about this piece:

Japanese artist Tomoaki Suzuki (b. 1972) is known for small wooden figurative sculptures depicting real people with distinct urban style. For Lilliput, Suzuki will present his first outdoor sculpture, Carson, a young man wearing a black leather jacket and tight pants. Usually one-third of human scale, Suzuki’s sculptures update the traditional technique of wood carving to a contemporary multicultural style.

Personally, I thought this was Tom Petty when I first saw it. But no, apparently, it's "Carson." Perhaps "Carson" is Tom Petty's tiny doppelganger.

I'm looking forward to my next walk on the High Line - I see something different every time!