Friday afternoon fountain break

I love this bubbling up image
and also the ripples going out from the bubbling up.
It looks like ideas or deeds or love
burbling up delightfully with soft and pleasing noises,
spreading out in waves in all directions.

Maybe you are writing a sermon this afternoon.  I hope this image inspires you.
In a way, it looks to me like what the sermon process might look like,
as well as the sermon being given on Sunday morning, 
a bubbling up and spreading out.

(I'm aware that many of you may be preaching the Matthew text
featuring John the Baptist and his diatribe against the
scribes and Pharisees.  Take this as an antidote.
Or a picture of baptismal waters.
Try not to screech at your people.)

This is actually a close up of the water in The Womens' Table fountain at Yale,
the one designed by Maya Lin which I've shown you before (here).