Interesting Facts to Learn While Waiting for Jesus to Come

I am normally a cheerful, upbeat person.  But I have my days, like anyone else, when I get stuck in a bleak place.  Today is one of those days.  Even though it's daytime, I'm having one of those dark night of the soul days.  (Maybe this is leftover from yesterday, which was the feast of John of the Cross.   You can read my post about him here.)

I had a hard time finding something cheerful on the interwebs to lift my spirits today.  It seems that lots of things are going wrong for lots of people on this dreary and cold day.

But then I found out a wonderful thing.  Frankincense comes from the beach!  Yes!!!  This just shows that I have been right all along about how the beach is truly a holy place.

You can read about it at Slate (click on the slideshow to see the beach).