Friday Afternoon Waterfall Break

Well, it's quite hot already here in Atlanta today as the temperatures edge towards 100 degrees (F) this afternoon.  And I've been out in the yard getting hot.  So I thought it might be nice to have an early waterfall break today.

This is my first ever Guest Photograph!  Thanks to Grandmere Mimi over at Wounded Bird (and one of my very first Blog Friends who was kind enough to send people my way) for sending me this photograph of this charming waterfall on the grounds of Dunvegan Castle on Scotland's Isle of Skye somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.  (See what happens when I use someone else's photo?!  But see Mimi's comment below for more details.)

Mr. Piscopal and I visited Scotland (including Dunvegan which is not actually in this photograph) and drove through the highlands and all over the Isle of Skye on our honeymoon almost 22 years ago.  During and after the rains, little (and big) waterfalls spring up all over the place, refreshing the streams and those animals and humans fortunate enough to be near enough to enjoy them.

Hope your Friday is going well! Enjoy!


June Butler said…
Oh, Penny! I'm sorry. I must have labeled the photos wrong. The waterfall pictured above is on the mainland somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. We'd just passed through some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen in my life. Around every curve in the road was a view that would take your breath away.
Oops. Probably my mistake. Thanks for the clarification and the post is now edited, sort of. A waterfall wherever it is is always beautiful. As is the whole country of Scotland! I do remember driving through the highlands and wishing I could take a photograph that would do it justice.
June Butler said…
There were very few places to stop to take pictures in the Highlands, because the roads were one lane with lay-bys for pulling over for an oncoming car to pass through, and the lay-bys were not to be used for parking to take photos. I could have snapped hundreds of pictures during one days drive.
Perpetua said…
Lovely photo, Penny. Very refreshing on a warm afternoon here in the UK (though nowhere near 100F, thank goodness)